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French Version of Rinpoche’s Pilgrimage Text Now Available

Jan 3rd, 2012

Rinpoche’s What to do at India’s Buddhist Holy Sites is now available in French and can be downloaded from Siddhartha’s Intent by filling out a request form.

Comments on “French Version of Rinpoche’s Pilgrimage Text Now Available”

  1. Frankie Mae Jenkins says:

    I am happy about the white dharma path offered by Buddha Shakyamuni.

    I hope to make yantra to Buddha’s sacred places in India.


  2. Alexsander says:

    On first reading, it would seem that the point not to be meissd is that social equality does not require financial equality. The reports of violent criminals being provoked by disrespect, humiliation, social judgement are telling. The American system is built upon the ideal that someone who was willing to work hard and apply themselves could achieve their measure (whatever that ended up being) without others impeding on their attempts. That doesn’t mean everyone will succeed of course not it’s the pursuit of happiness. This was predicated on the notion that there was a goodness in each of us (ok, maybe just the white males at first, but we worked our way through that!), a goodness that stood on its own outside of circumstances, which circumstances were the forge for making one into a strong and helpful part of society.We most definitely have lost our way. Now we each are measured by how much money we make, how many toys we have, how many people are under our authority. There is little if any recognition for good heart, honest friendship, sacrificing for others. Of course each of us loves to see that in ourselves and when we see it in another we honor it and that person as a treasure, but the big machine that makes this country run is more interested in profit margins and growth rates, return on investments. In order to climb that ladder you need to buy into the whole thing; looking down on others is part of learning how to rise above them it would seem.Fix society? Sure you can. Just not all of it. Not at once. Every time you give a hug to a friend you’ve never hugged, smile directly at a stranger in that way that makes them infectiously smile as you lose sight of each other, every time you honor the buddhanature in a person and see that as being exponentially more important than what they’re wearing, or from what family they came, every time you hold awareness of appearance and emptiness you transform your surroundings from arising of suffering to arising of the play of the mandala and everyone caught in that interdependent auspiciousness moves forward a touch better off.I’m certain of it.Maybe I should run for office.

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