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MBA Project Slideshow

Mar 25th, 2012

MBA Executive Director Chris McKenna (center) with instructors Pam Dunn and Vinny FerraroMBA Project participant

Instructor Vinny Ferraro with program participants

MBA Project participantVinny Ferraro leads an MBA Project group

MBA Project teaches mindfulness works to change stress-based habits into awareness-based choices

MBA teaches mindfulness as the heart of rehabilitation An MBA Project groupVinny Ferraro, teacher-training director during a curriculum development session

Comments on “MBA Project Slideshow”

  1. merilee says:

    In Virginia, we are trying to use art and music therapist to assist students in the ways you are describing. We are also using art and music as a medium for social skills training, character education and self awareness.

  2. oga ughen c. thingo says:

    congratulation Rinpoche & KF!!!
    all the activities of KF is not only the true DARHMA but
    enhances the quality of the DARHMA, so that in future more
    people will understand the esence of the Buddha’s teaching and live accordingly.

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