Tuning the piano at the Chan CenterGetting seated in the theater.Our intrepid master of ceremonies, Stuart MacFarlaneMalavika Santhosh performing a Thillana, a pure dance from the bharatnatyam repertoire, choreographed by her teacher, Jai Govinda. This Thillana is in the raga Amrita varshani, which means "the cloud that rains the nectar of non-duality."Members of the Khmer Buddhist Association of Vancouver Performing at the Khyentse Foundation 10 year anniversary celebration June 18, 2011.Rinpoche presents Cangioli with a gift for all her hard work. She has volunteered as Executive Director for 10 years. We would not be here without her!Sophia Trisoglio reads the KF Dedication Prayer written by Rinpoche.The Sangha ChoirSangha Choir singing Natalie Merchant’s Kind and Generous for the finale.

The party venue

The reception.Rinpoche handing out the thank you gifts to donors at the reception.Our Ani FriendsDavid Newman and Nanette Nelms at the reception with cupcakes.Our Cambodian guests meeting with Richard Dixey at the reception.Cupcake Mandala: blue and white for KF, pink and purple for Lotus Outreach, red and white for monasteries and yellow and purple for Siddhartha’s Intent.Isabel Pedrosa and Lynn Hoberg at the receptionPatrons Kris Yao and Jen Xiang.Cangioli Che celebrating.