The 2015 annual report is streamlined, with fewer pages, highlighting a few individuals and projects. After 15 years of being guided by Rinpoche’s inspiring annual addresses to the board, growing in new directions, expanding our reach, it has became apparent that it’s no longer possible to report on every project initiated, ongoing, or completed; on every grant and scholarship awarded; and on every monastery and academic institution supported.

The report does include a message from Rinpoche, a clear outline of our financial information, complete with some revealing graphics, and a reprint of Rinpoche’s inspiring 2016 Losar message to guide us into the new year.

“This annual report is a good opportunity to remind ourselves that we are not reporting our activities with any sense of pride or achievement, but rather to encourage ourselves and those on our wavelength to exert ourselves further.” — Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Read and download the 2015 Annual Report here.

Read and download the complete 2015 Investment Committee Report.