2001-2016 in Words and Images

It’s been 15 years since a small group of students—determined to help relieve Rinpoche of his financial responsibilities for the support of his monasteries in China, India, and Bhutan—helped start Khyentse Foundation. The group of supporters, volunteers, donors, and devoted students has grown exponentially, and the reach of the foundation’s activities has expanded far beyond the monasteries.

This annual report celebrates those first 15 years. Executive Director Cangioli Che summarizes the foundation’s growth and current projects, and our hopes for the coming years. Many of our programs and projects are highlighted in 10 pages – a small indication of what Cangioli refers to as Rinpoche’s “vast and boundless vision.” Two full pages of small type are required just to list all of the people, organizations, and institutions that KF supported in 2016. A timeline graphically illustrates KF’s milestones from 2001 through 2016. Financial information includes a report from the Investment Committee and a summary of KF’s financial position. And the report contains three messages from Rinpoche: Khyentse Foundation’s Aspiration; How We View Offerings; and, looking slightly into the future, Rinpoche’s 2017 Losar message.

We hope you enjoy reading this report, which is as much a yearbook as it is an annual report.

Please join us in creating an effective support system to help the Dharma flourish.

Read and download the 2016 Annual Report.