In a World of Change, KF’s Fundamental Purpose Remains the Same

Long before there was a Khyentse Foundation, Rinpoche had a vision. The foundation exists to help him realize it. As he said in his address to the KF board of directors in November 2017, “I have a vision, but the vision can materialize even better if you all can assist me in putting it into the context of these changing times.” He continued, “Khyentse Foundation should be ready to live with these changes and act within this context, keeping in mind that the sole purpose of KF is to assist the dharma and its practitioners.”


That succinct statement sums up a core strength of KF: Consistency of purpose with the agility to adapt to a changing world.
The 2017 annual report embodies this evolution. The layout and design are different from anything we’ve done before, presenting the content in fresh ways. Many of the organizations, projects, and individuals that the foundation supported in 2017 were ongoing from previous years, and many were new. But they all represent the aspiration to embody the dharma.


The cover of the annual report exemplifies the interaction of consistency and change. In previous years, we’ve often used photographs or line drawings of the Ashoka lion, KF’s logo, in either dark blue or gray. This year’s cover, an image from the video The KF Story, still features the Ashoka lion, but in a bold, colorful graphic.


We hope that you find this report interesting and inspiring. As always, we welcome your feedback. READ THE FULL REPORT (PDF)