A message from Executive Director Cangioli Che


I hope most of you have read Rinpoche’s posting “In the Wake of the Nepal Earthquake“. As we watch the news unfold and see the tremendous destruction and loss of lives, our hearts and prayers go to the people of Nepal.

I am sure many of us, on a personal level, are already offering prayers and whatever material support we can by contributing to the many worthy initiatives and charitable organizations that are providing immediate relief on the ground.

As Khyentse Foundation is not set up to provide emergency relief, we have been contemplating ways to help Nepal and its people rebuild their lives in the longer term. The mission of Khyentse Foundation is to create conditions favorable to Buddhist study and practice. In the past we have adhered to a policy of investing in people and programs not bricks and mortar. But Nepal presents a very serious challenge. As monasteries tumble and the basic necessity of food and water become scarce, people’s lives are of course in great hardship, and study and practice will certainly be impeded.

So we will take some time to consider the options. For the time being, we will follow Rinpoche’s advice and pledge for Nepal:
“KF has to stick with our mission of supporting Buddhist study and practice but no doubt this will create disturbance in study and practice. As those needs arise in the future we will be there. But for the present situation, we can offer our prayers.”

You can read Rinpoche’s full message here or on his Facebook Page:

— Cangioli Che