Tsadra Foundation Translation and Transmission Conference in Colorado

The Tsadra Foundation organized a landmark conference for the community of translators of Tibetan Buddhist texts into Western languages. The Translation and Transmission Conference, held October 2-4, 2014, in Keystone, Colorado, brought more than 250 top translators together for a rare opportunity to spend time working and reflecting on the dual processes of translation and transmission of Buddhism in the West. The conference also helped to close the gap between the academic community and the practice community of translators.

TandTconfMany translators work in a very isolated environment. “It is clear that there is tremendous benefit in the networking and cross-pollination that takes place when translators meet in an environment that is not agenda driven nor framed by religious affiliation or obligation,” said Marcus Perman, Tsadra Director of Research. “Therefore, the conference was organized with a goal of inclusive support for translators from all traditions.”

Khyentse Foundation contributed US$5,000 to provide travel subsidies for translators to attend the conference. “Eighteen translators and students from six different countries were able to attend the conference because of this support,” said Perman, “Thank you very much for your donation! We are so very happy that Khyentse Foundation actively supports the translation of Tibetan texts. We hope that your activity continues to expand into the future and continues to help the transmission of Dharma in the world.”

Translator John Canti

Translator John Canti

Translator John Canti expressed deep appreciation for the opportunity to meet his colleagues face to face. “To share views, to meet the human being behind the name, and to take time to look at what we are all doing from different perspectives, is both valuable and enjoyable. It was a stimulating and inspiring environment in which translators could meet face to face, share views and news both formally and informally, and above all reflect together on what their work is all about. We will all be looking forward to another conference in the series.”

Professor Steven Goodman, KF advisor and Research and Program Director for Asian and Comparative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, said it was encouraging that two of his advanced graduate students attended the conference and were able to meet and engage in discussions with many of the conference

Professor Steven Goodman

Translator and Professor of Buddhist Studies, Steven Goodman

attendees. “They expressed their interest and desire to be part of that ever-widening circle of those who walk the path of practice and scholarship and, in particular, translating the words of the Buddha.” Goodman said that he hopes the momentum from this conference will continue in the form of future conferences that will bring together like-minded adventurers.

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