Happy Losar 2013

May this year of the snake make us too slippery to be caught up in the net of delusion.

May we never forget the sole source of blessing, the Triple Gem.

May we be able to appreciate the true meaning of impermanence when it hits us.

May we learn always to hope for the best, while never failing to expect the worst.

May we learn both to fear uncertainty, yet be cheerful in the face of it.

May our appetite and greed for higher truths be insatiable.

May we learn always to be wary of the promises made by this materialistic world.

May we learn compassion for all sentient beings and cherish ourselves for doing so.

May the eyes of our devotion not be blinded by ceaseless skepticism.

May we realize, joyfully, that mere ‘good intention’ is the most powerful path of all.

Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse