Academic Development Grants

The objective of Academic Development Grants is to help make sure that authentic Buddhist studies are conducted at the highest level of academic excellence. Such scholarly distinction, which once existed only in Asian monasteries and dharma centers, is flourishing today at major universities around the world. To inspire students and faculty alike, Buddhist study and research programs at the university and graduate levels require teachers and scholars who are knowledgeable about the Buddha’s teachings and grounded in Buddhist traditions, and who have the open-mindedness to debate the role of Buddhism in the world today.

CONSIDERATIONS: In applying for an Academic Development Grant, please consider the following:

  • Applications from universities and academic institutions are welcome; applications from individuals will not be considered. For information about individual grants and scholarships, click here.
  • Applications for programs to strengthen academic Buddhist study and research are welcome.
  • Outreach programs to students on campus, the community, and the public are encouraged.
  • Collaboration on sponsorship from the university, institution, or other benefactors is encouraged.
  • Support for organizing or participating in conferences will not be considered.
  • Building and construction projects will not be considered.
  • Indirect costs, overhead, and other administrative costs will not be supported.



To apply for an Academic Development Grant, fill out this

Indication of Interest form.

We will be in touch shortly to inform you whether we can take this process further;
eligible applicants will be invited to prepare and submit the grant application according to the submission deadlines.

Applications are reviewed by the KF Academic Development Committee.  



KF accepts applications for Academic Development Grants twice a year, with deadlines at midnight Eastern Time on December 15 and June 15. Late submissions  will not be accepted. Applicants will be notified of results in May and November, respectively, with funding for successful applicants available in July and January, respectively. 


The amount of the grants varies depending on the project.