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Rinpoche’s New Podcast: An Infrastructure of People
In his August podcast, Rinpoche explains why Khyentse Foundation invests in people, not in buildings.

In the early days of Khyentse Foundation, as the founders were deciding on a mission, imagining the possibilities, and envisioning the future of Buddhist patronage, one of the first guidelines they agreed on was that grants would be awarded to people and their activities rather than to the construction of buildings and capital improvements. In his new audio address, Rinpoche says that “Khyentse Foundation must aspire to build the infrastructure of human power…to make people, not just buildings, not just symbolic things like statues or stupas, because at the end of the day this kind of infrastructure is the best we can offer.”

Two committees, appointed by Rinpoche and the board of directors, review applications for the Foundation. Ngedup Dorje, who sits on the Special Grants Committee, says of his task, “I’m truly heartened to learn of all these wonderful projects that people have undertaken around the world in pursuit of the dharma. It makes the decision quite difficult at times, because there are so many worthy candidates and we have only so much in the coffers.” Last year, the two committees together awarded over US$100,000.

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