Building on the success of their monthly children’s days, Siddhartha’s School in Australia has formed a steering committee of nine enthusiastic proponents of Buddhist schooling.

After much research, information gathering, and linking with other like-minded groups. and a little help from a divination (mo); the group has decided to establish a school in Lismore, one of the larger towns near Rinpoche’s retreat center, Vajradhara Gonpa. Lismore has a university and a growing population.

Project spearheads Ari Summa and Eva Thomas will soon be seeking volunteer input, creating a board of directors, and establishing a fundraising committee. Khyentse Foundation is committed to support this effort, contingent upon funding availability. Although KF policy does not allow the funding of construction, the Foundation will fund the operation of the school, including text books, teacher salaries, program costs, and so on. To find out more, contact