UPDATE: March 2020 – Eating less meat does your body and Mother Nature good!

UPDATE: August 2019 – Diet Change, Not Climate Change. Beautiful artwork by Daleast.

UPDATE: April 2019 – Take a look at the newest version of the billboard, now focusing on the impact that eating meat has on greenhouse gases.

It is traditional to organize life release practices for the longevity of the Guru. So, on the eve of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s birthday this year, he requested some Asian sangha members to allocate half the proceeds of a life release to a billboard in the Kathmandu airport to advocate eating less meat. Not everyone can be vegetarian but if we all eat less meat, we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, ecological footprint, health risks, and killing of other beings.

The artwork and wording will be changed a couple of times a year but the basic message that eating less meat is good for the planet and our health and saves lives will remain the same. With support from KF, the billboard has been displayed in the Kathmandu international airport departure terminal since July 2018, so look out for it! Long life to the Guru, the dharma, the sponsors, and the dharma practitioners!