Bodhi Seeds Series 

April 2023


“It is so important for children to grow up open-minded, recognizing that all values are projected and subjective rather than ultimate and indestructible. Once they see that all phenomena are not solid, fixed, and rigid but like a mirage, a shooting star, and a magical illusion, they will be far more creative in handling all aspects of human life including the economy, relationships, and respect for the natural world.”

— Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Investing in education for children is a priority for Khyentse Foundation, and working to create an innovative education model has long been an aspiration of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. Infusing Buddhist views into education is a truly monumental task but something Rinpoche has said is fundamental to the survival of the dharma. KF currently supports education projects in Asia, the Americas, and Europe, and we hope that our scope will continue to grow.

In Bodhi Seeds, our new series on education, we share stories of successes and challenges in bringing the dharma to today’s children. Our inaugural issue explores the trajectory of Middle Way Education, which has been creating pathways for the dharma to enhance modern education since 2017 and is well on its way to realizing Rinpoche’s aspirations. Keep a lookout for the issue—coming your way very soon!