We need your photos to build the KF photo archive. We are collecting photos that relate to the Five Projects. Maybe you have a great photo from the Dzongsar Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö Institute in India, or shots from The Siddhartha School in Australia. Send them in! Maybe you are a scholarship recipient and have images from your classroom. We’ll take them! Or perhaps you have a nice series of retreat photos. We would love to have them in our library! Photos of KF people and activities are scattered around the globe, and we need to consolidate them. This archive will supply photos for the website, the annual report, the KF Communiqué, and other KF publications.
Please send us your high-resolution photos so that we can store them in our new achieve. Along with your photos, we need the following information:

1. Photographer credit
2. Permission to use the photo
3. Names of the people in the photo
4. Location of the photo
5. Date of the photo
6. Description or suggested caption
7. Type of camera used, photo resolution

If you have hard copies and no means of digitizing, you may send originals or negatives, which we’ll scan and return. Even if you think we already have your photos, please send them again so that we can be thorough as we set up this archive. Send your photos, along with the necessary information, to Yulia Sheynkman.