Caring for cancer patients at Jetsungdamba Khutangt Centre









The Caring for Cancer Patients project was established in Mongolia in 2013 by the Jetsungdamba Khutangt Centre. Monks from the center meet with patients at the National Cancer Clinic in Ulaanbaatar four times a week, providing emotional, spiritual, and financial care. In addition to counseling and meditation sessions, the monks offer prayers for patients as requested. Stress management classes are made available for the medical staff.

Support from Khyentse Foundation has allowed the monks to offer quarterly workshops for cancer patients and their families on topics such as how to care for cancer patients with kindness; the Buddhist approach to illness; and how to approach the end of life with dignity. Thus far, the monks have provided counseling services to more than 2,600 patients and family members.

The center has been successful in their fundraising efforts, raising more than 10 million togrik (about US$5,000) for cancer treatment for the disadvantaged. In a country where the average income is about US$3,500, this is quite an accomplishment. In addition to fundraising for medical care, the center offers housing assistance for patients traveling to Ulaanbaatar from rural areas. Volunteers from the local lay community visit the neediest of the patients.

With the staggering prevalence of cancer these days, we are pleased that funds from Khyentse Foundation are helping the monks of the Jetsungdamba Khutangt Centre to bring the Buddha’s teachings about aging, sickness, and death to patients at the Mongolian National Cancer Center.