Khyentse Foundation is a proud long-term supporter of Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International (LBDFI) for its unstinting efforts to revitalize Buddhadharma in the land of its origin. LBDFI’s annual Tripitaka chanting ceremonies, held in important pilgrimage sites in India, bring together sangha members from all over the world to practice with one voice. This December, for the first time, the Mahayana chanting program will be held in Vulture’s Peak, site of many of the Buddha’s teachings. The program will draw sanghas from China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and India to practice together.

The KF grant helps to train a new generation of Indian bhikkus, offers training and pratimoksa recitation to ordained Indian monks, and provides a program of Dharma talks and book distribution for the Indian public during these chanting events.

Find out more about LBDFI‘s chanting ceremonies on their website:

For dharma friends in the Berkeley area, the 2017 International Resounding of the Precious Tipitaka is taking place from September 22nd to 24th. To register and find out more about the program, please visit this link: