Five Projects

五大計劃 (The Five Projects)

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche and Khyentse Foundation’s Board of Directors have identified and prioritized the following five projects as means to establish a system of patronage.

1. Scholarships

Khyentse Foundation scholarships provide funding that enables students to pursue their study and practice the Buddhadharma, ensuring its available to all those who seek it. Scholarships are awarded on merit and need, regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, or cultural background.  Learn More

2. Education Programs

Rinpoche has the long-term vision of supporting future generations of Buddhist students and practitioners through innovations in education systems worldwide. The Foundation is exploring new models of education, based on Buddhist principles of compassion and nonviolence, coupled with academic excellence. Learn More

3. Translations and Publications

The objective of the Publication & Translation Fund is to make Buddhist texts, ancient and contemporary, readily available to all those who wish to study them. Efforts are concentrated on preservation, translation, and distribution of Buddhist texts in all traditions and lineages. Learn More

4. Monastic Fund

A strong monastic tradition with an emphasis on higher philosophical studies and long-term retreat is the root of Buddhism as a living tradition. To support these efforts KF has created an endowment fund for the maintenance and upkeep of Rinpoche’s monastic colleges in Tibet, India, and Bhutan. Learn More

5. Academic Endowments

Promoting the academic study of Buddhism, Khyenste Foundation has endowed a chair in Tibetan Buddhism at the University of California at Berkeley, and is now working toward establishing similar academic programs at other universities worldwide. Learn More