Middle Way Education is the organizing body of Khyentse Foundation’s education projects with the mission of creating a new model of Buddhist education for students and educators. Middle Way is launching a global-class, Buddhist nonsectarian, non-denominational online portal for parents and educators looking for resources to teach youth Buddhist concepts, practice, ritual, philosophy and history. This online portal will provide an authoritative, searchable, user-friendly, non-sectarian, database of course materials, news, articles, video and audio resources, and with other interactive features and resources.

The website will remain relevant and up to date with the support of a Content Manager. The position requires a part-time commitment and must be worked remotely. Compensation depends on individual experience and circumstances. The ideal candidate will have an excellent command of written and spoken English and a creative and rigorous approach to information gathering and analysis, ability to understand broad ideas and synthesize. Must be adept at Word, Excel, WordPress and other standard software programs. Complete list of responsibilities, core competencies, and application procedures can be found in the job description. Please apply by May 28.

Download the job description here