Composed by Rinpoche for Khyentse Foundation in 2013.

Dear supporters at every level,

Ours is an activity with a good cause. Our activity is generated with good motivation—at least this is what we try. As you know, this kind of wholesome act must always conclude with and be accompanied by aspiration, so I would like to dedicate the merit of all of you so that:

We and many others will enter into the quintessential path of the Buddhadharma,
We will not fall into the abyss of samsara,
We will not be reborn in the jungle of desire and anger,
We will not be burnt in the hell of wrong view,
We will never hear the roaring beasts of envy and jealousy,
We will never be struck by the poisonous arrow of emotion,
We will not be separated from virtuous friends.
From now until enlightenment we will always be nurtured by the sustenance of nondistraction,
And when we actually come to the end of our lives,
With this merit we will follow all the sublime beings of the past, follow in their footsteps, and be reborn in the Buddhafield.
For this we beseech all the past Buddhas to come and receive us,
We beseech all the deities to support us,
We beseech all the bodhisattvas to be our railing,
We beseech all the dakinis to encourage us,
And we dedicate this merit so that we will be the cause for enlightenment of all.

—Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse