Khyentse Foundation India Board Member Dr. Badrinarayanan Srinivasan shares his views on India’s renaissance and bringing Buddhism home


Dr. Badrinarayanan Srinivasan (“Dr. Badri”) is a KF India board member. A full-time Professor of Interior Architecture and Design at Pearl Academy in New Delhi, India, Dr. Badri met Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche in 2009 and took refuge in 2010. Dr. Badri is delighted to help actualize Rinpoche’s vision of bringing the Dharma back home to Indians. Read more about Dr. Badri here.

“Over the past several years, I have perceived a significant surge of interest in Buddhism amongst Indians. The greatest interest seems to be among well-educated, urban-professional Indians between the ages of 20 and 40. They are curious and have questions, the answers to which they hope to find in the teachings of Lord Buddha.

“As is happening among Westerners, many Indians are looking to Buddhism for peace and succor after becoming disillusioned with the increasingly stressful, materialistic urban life in post-liberal India. So among Indian Buddhists, there is a whole range of seekers — from simple folks looking for a more compassionate and inclusive life, to rigorous scholars wishing to dive deep into the ocean of wisdom and pick up the pearls inherent in Buddhist philosophy, to people wanting to end personal suffering, to those seeking Enlightenment within this lifetime.

“We are very fortunate that Buddhism is able to accommodate such a vast and diverse range of seekers once again in its place of origin as it did once upon a time, and that Khyentse Foundation is able to support them under its ever-expanding umbrella of activities. I personally feel privileged to be part of Rinpoche’s grand vision of a Buddhist renaissance in India and encouraging the embodiment of Buddha’s wisdom and compassion.”