We always wonder how Florence can do so much. We call her our Super Wonder Woman.
Florence has recently taken on an important role as chair of our newly launched development program [intlink id=”6373″ type=”page”]In Manjushri’s Servic[/intlink]e. She also serves as a member of the KF Executive Committee, heads the Scholarship Committee, and works on our academic initiatives, in addition to being an instructor for Siddhartha’s Intent and a skilled translator.
Florence has recently retired from her own apparel export business based in Hong Kong. Originally from Malaysia, she graduated from the University of California Los Angeles and went on for her MBA at UCLA. Born into a Mahayana Buddhist family, Florence has been a Vajrayana practitioner since becoming a student of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche in 1990.
“Her devotion, hard work, and skillful means inspire me constantly.”
—Cangioli Che, Executive Director
Photo: by Laurie Wang Lang in Bir, 2011.