This is the first issue of the Communiqué in seven years that doesn’t have the stamp of approval of the eagle-eyed Jessie Wood. That’s because we’re giving her some much-deserved time off after all these years of hard work and dedication. She just completed the Herculean task of creating the KF Annual Report, a document dense with information and imagery that she helped bring to life. So while she’s resting, we thought we’d take this opportunity to give Jessie a moment in the spotlight. Though Jessie is busy with her professional career as a copyeditor for major corporations, she finds the time to serve as Managing Editor of the Communiqué, collecting articles, writing copy, making sure every word is letter perfect (if ever there is an error, it would have entered the picture only after it left Jessie’s hands). She edits every inch of our website, brochures, documents, and other materials, and she always does it with good cheer, humor, and accuracy and timeliness.

“With Jessie looking over everything we write, I can be certain that a professional standard is maintained across the board,” says Executive Director Cangioli Che. “Such a consummate professional is difficult to find within an all-volunteer organization. We are so lucky to have her.” Moreover, the KF editorial team, including Jakob Leschley, Alex Trisoglio, and Albert Wongchirachai, who regularly have the pleasure of dealing with Jessie, often comment on what a delightful person she is to work with. We all feel very fortunate to have Jessie on our small but harmonious communications team.