Chou Su-ching became the KF Taiwan representative in 2009 after serving for years as president of Siddhartha’s Intent Taiwan. A long-time student of Rinpoche, Su-ching, among her many duties, coordinates the all-important work of translating the KF Communiqués, annual reports, and other communications into Chinese, forming a major bridge in our contact with Chinese-speaking communities worldwide.

Cangioli Che, executive director of Khyentse Foundation, who works closely with Su-Ching through Skype, calls her “an efficient coordinator, a capable translator, a pleasant colleague, and a caring vajra sister.”

Su-ching writes, “Several Taiwanese volunteers contribute their efforts to the Chinese translation of the KF Communiqué. Joanne Liao, Jane Huang, Florence Lee, and Sherry Lin help with the initial translation, which is then proofread by Vera Ho. Jimmy Chen and Peter Hu are responsible for the Chinese web page and sending the electronic newsletter.

“Some of us volunteers have full-time jobs. One volunteer is a mother who has two children to look after; one is a recent graduate who has just started working on her new job. Although we are busy, we all want to contribute ourselves to Rinpoche’s activities, which benefit all sentient beings. So we squeeze out time from our lives — reducing a little working time, sacrificing some family time and leisure time. We form a pleasant work net, because we wish to share the Chinese Communiqués rapidly and properly.

“I think that working for Khyentse Foundation is a practice, and it is a way to serve our guru as well. May what we do become the cause for the liberation of all sentient beings.”