By Ella Milligan 

donor-EllaOver my lifetime I’ve been on the receiving end of so much generosity, both material and otherwise, a lot of which has enabled me to study Dharma, do retreats, and travel to teachings.

When I look at the opportunities I’ve had, I almost feel a little guilty that I’ve been so lucky. I mentioned this one time to a good friend who was letting me use her cottage for a retreat. Her reply was, “Don’t feel guilty. When you’re able to, I’m sure you will help support other people’s practice—that’s what happened to me.” Her comment lingered in my mind, and I somehow trusted that she was right.

It’s been a few years since I joined Khyentse Foundation’s regular matching funds program. I thought I must have been one of the last to sign up, but I was surprised to read in the last newsletter that only about half of the students attending a recent teaching of Rinpoche’s had ever contributed to Khyentse Foundation. I’m not able to give a lot each month, but when I give, I know that the benefit is not just matched but multiplied. My few dollars each month are contributing to a huge investment.

My guilt hasn’t necessarily gone away, but alongside it I feel really happy that I can help support the dharma, other people’s practice, and most of all Rinpoche’s wishes and activities.