December 2016

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  • Video: Rinpoche's Annual Address
  • Our New Aspiration Prayer
  • Board Meeting Highlights
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Rinpoche Offers a
New Aspiration Prayer
for KF

Dolpopa Sherab Geltshen (1292-1361), a great Tibetan master, wrote this prayer, which Rinpoche said we should recite as Khyentse Foundation's aspiration:
May I be reborn again and again,
And in all my lives
May I carry the weight of Buddha Shakyamuni's teachings.
And if I cannot bear that weight,
At the very least,
May I be born with the burden of thinking that the Buddhadharma may wane
Help us build Khyentse Foundation's funding base so that we can continue to support the study and practice of all traditions of Buddhism around the world.
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When you become a monthly donor, every dollar you donate is matched by the Patrons of Manjushri. 

Download a PDF visual presentation of the impact of Khyentse Foundation's 15 years of support for Buddhist study.

The banner photo (top) and the photo of KF Executive Committee member Christine Ng reciting the aspiration prayer at the KF 15th anniversary party (right), were both taken in Bodhgaya, during the recent Siddhartha Festival. Khyentse Foundation co-sponored the event to support the Indian Buddhist community.  
A collection of photos of
the event can be seen here.
The Highlight of Our Year: Annual Gathering of Advisors and Board Members with Rinpoche 

In October, Rinpoche met with Khyentse Foundation's board of directors and advisors in New York for two days of intense and thought-provoking meetings. In his inspiring opening address, Rinpoche reiterated that ensuring the longevity of the Buddhadharma is the foundation’s primary mission. Rinpoche offered a new aspiration prayer (see left) and provided new points of focus for the years to come. Rinpoche also asked the board to redouble its efforts to enhance Buddhist teacher training and Buddhist education for children and encouraged the Academic Development Committee to research possibilities for more endowed chairs at major universities. Looking east, Rinpoche noted that China is full of potential and we should explore opportunities to help people there meet the Dharma.
The board meeting featured updates from committee heads, financial reports, and brainstorming about how we can broaden and deepen the impact of our support. Here are some highlights:
In 2015-16, Khyentse Foundation awarded US$2.5 million in grants: 13% academic,15% lay practitioners,18% translation and text preservation, and 54% monastic support.
After years of perseverance, the KF partnership with the Sydney University Tibetan Buddhist Lectureship is finalized, with 45%
of funding from KF, 50% from an Australian sponsor, and 5% 
from an Australian family foundation.
Major steps are being taken to design a new education paradigm that will create the conditions for children to encounter the Dharma.
The ambitious 5-month English for Buddhist Scholars pilot project, which enrolled 19 top khenpos and lopons to learn English, is transitioning into a second phase in India.
Income from monthly donations was down for fiscal 2015-16,
but we were blessed with several large donations in recent
months, which significantly increased our assets.
KF’s no-frills policy will not change, and utmost care will
be taken with the use of every dollar of donated funds.  
KF will remain an offering organization with mostly
volunteer support.

Khyentse Foundation is You
Your Donations at Work in 2016

Thanks to our donors in 44 countries, KF has been able to give more than US$18 million in grants over the past 15 years (including direct-to-beneficiary grants) to people and projects in more than 40 countries. These grants include everything from sponsoring personal practice retreats to partnering with 28 major universities to enhance the study and research of the Dharma for generations to come. Although rooted in Vajrayana, the foundation supports all traditions of Buddhism.
Today, 1,033 sustaining donors make regular donations through our matching funds program. Every dollar donated is matched by the Patrons
of Manjushri. If you are one of these donors or patrons, THANK YOU.
You are the lifeblood of this organization.
If you are not a monthly donor, maybe now is a good time to start. You can commit to as little as $1 per month and still feel the connection with Rinpoche's offerings. 

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