KHYENTSE FOUNDATION | Update on KF's Annual Board Meeting
December 2018

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An update on KF's annual board meeting, held December 3rd in Taipai 
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Happy Holidays 
Happy holidays from all of us at the Khyentse Foundation! Thank you for all of your support this past year, and here's to a merit-filled 2019.

Words From Rinpoche
“I think with Khyentse Foundation we need to be very clear. This is a Buddhist foundation, we are all devotees of the Buddha, we care for his teachings, and not just one or two schools but all the lineages. Our wish is to preserve, maintain, propagate, and think about the future generation of Buddhism. It does not matter what lineage or what tradition.”
—Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, from his address to the KF board

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Keeping the Buddhadharma Pristine & Stainless
2018 KF Board Meeting Review 

As Rinpoche reminded us in his address to the Khyentse Foundation board, “The essential teaching of the Buddha is up to date. It is progressive, and the essential message of the Buddha is something the world needs today.” Khyentse Foundation aspires to play a role in keeping the essential Buddhadharma pure, preventing it from being hijacked by cultural baggage or modern-day values and concepts.
Khyentse Foundation will play this role in part by training teachers and by providing support to students who want to study Buddhism or put what they have studied into practice.
Photo from the KF board meeting: Front row: Prof. Peter Skilling with Rinpoche  Back row: Kris Yao, Lynn Hoberg, Angie Tsai, Isabel Pedrosa, Cangioli Che, Richard Chang, Anita Lee, Christine Ng
It was in a blissful mood that the board gathered at board member Kris Yao’s well-equipped office on December 3rd with Rinpoche to review the Foundation’s activities of the past year, brainstorm new ideas, and make plans for the coming three years.
We were fortunate that Prof. Peter Skilling, KF’s long-term friend and 2012 KF Fellow, joined us from Bangkok. As our valued advisor, Peter has been instrumental in a number of KF initiatives, especially in academic development. Also, thanks to modern technology, nearly all our board members and advisors joined us in person or via the internet. We were impressed and moved by the commitment of our remote participants; many joined the meeting at what was 2 or 3 in the morning for them.
A very special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kris Yao for their generous hospitality in hosting the board meeting, and to Maryann Lipaj for preparing the graphics for the board presentation. 
In October, we held a small-group strategic planning meeting in San Francisco to look at fast-changing global trends and their potential impact for KF’s direction and activities over the next few years. We brought many strategic considerations to the attention of the board and brainstormed on how these trends may impact the two major categories of our existing activities, Nurturing the Source and Training for the Future.
Photo from the KF strategic planning meeting: Front row: David Tan, meeting facilitator Alex Trisoglio (with board member Anja Hartmann's son Hanno), Richard, Dixey, Patrick Jacquelin  Back row: Lynn Hoberg, Anja Hartmann,
Isabel Pedrosa, Cangioli Che, Sarah Wilkinson, Wyatt Arnold
Some of the strategic considerations included:
  • Will traditional monasteries act as a building block for preserving the dharma 50 years from now? Is there a need to reinvent the model?
  • Should KF invest in the development of computer-aided translation tools?
  • How should KF work to bridge the gap between monastic and western values?
  • Should we explore how we communicate the Buddha’s message in the future, possibly in very different ways?
  • How do we prioritize our resources in view of the many projects that we are now engaged?
At the board meeting, Rinpoche gave clear guidance on the focus of the Foundation’s programs, which remains fundamentally unchanged. Our major efforts will continue to focus on:
  • Training 21st Century Buddhist Teachers
  • Academic Development
  • Buddhist Education for Children
 Stay tuned next month for an introduction to Gao Mindao, who received our 2018 Fellowship Award, KF's highest honor.
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