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A New Partnership with the Hemera Foundation Supports Educators on the Path 
Khyentse Foundation has made a US$10,000 contribution to the Hemera Foundation's excellent program, Contemplative Fellowships for Educators (CFE). CFE supports educators’ growth through contemplative practice in a retreat setting, offering individuals the opportunity to cultivate mindfulness, compassion, personal well-being, and professional efficacy, and, in turn, embody and apply these qualities to promote positive school cultures.
In 2015, Khyentse Foundation conducted a global survey on Buddhist education for children in search of ways to create conditions for the next generation to encounter the Dharma. One of the main recommendations that came out of the survey was to support teachers who are interested in contemplative practice. Further research led us to the Hemera Foundation, which was already generously doing this important work. Instead of reinventing the wheel, KF chose to create tendrel with Hemera's work by making this contribution, much as our donors create tendrel by contributing to Khyentse Foundation.
The CFE program offers retreat scholarship support to people who currently work full time in pre-K or K-12 education, or who are enrolled in a master’s degree program in education. The long-term vision for these fellowships is that they become the basis for an ever-expanding community of educators whose lives and teaching are informed and supported by contemplative practice.

To Apply

There is no application deadline; prospective fellows should apply directly to the retreat center they are interested in attending for the particular retreat they would like to attend. Certain retreats at each center are eligible for fellowship funding. Please carefully review the fellowship application details and other information on the retreat center's website so that you have a clear idea of what is involved in applying for a fellowship for the retreat you select. Hemera strongly recommends applying early, while there are still fellowships available for the retreat you're interested in.
To learn more about the CFE program and the foundation's partner centers and communities, visit the Hemera Foundation web site.

Take a good look at the KF web site, because soon it will be history. The all new KF site, over a year in the making, will go live in March. Also coming in March, the 2015 Annual Report.
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