September 2016

Help us build Khyentse Foundation's funding base so that we can continue to support the study and practice of all traditions of Buddhism around the world.
Did you know?
When you become a monthly donor, every dollar you donate is matched by the Patrons of Manjushri. 
Book Launch at the Rubin Museum 

On November 18, 2016, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM, Matthew Akester will introduce his new book, Jamyang Khyentsé Wangpo’s Guide to Central Tibet, an illustrated translation of the earliest and best-known guidebook to Tibet, at the Rubin Museum of Art, in New York City. A book signing will take place after the lecture. Copies are available for purchase in the Museum Shop and at www.serindia.comThis talk is presented in conjunction with the Museum exhibition Monumental Lhasa. Khyentse Foundation sponsored the publication of this incredible book.
Rinpoche's Teaching on the Wheel of Life

In February 2016, Rinpoche taught in Delhi on ignorance, desire, anger, hope, fear, action, time, space, samsara, nirvana, the six realms — the Wheel of Life. Watch this amazing teaching at here.
No Amount Is Too Small

Since the inception of Khyentse Foundation in 2001, our friends around the world have donated more than US$21 million, some with great ingenuity.
Khyentse Foundation has never conducted conventional fundraising campaigns, annual fund drives, or repeated appeals, but with the blessings of Rinpoche and the power of storytelling, we have raised more than US$21 million over the past 15 years. We rejoice that so many people have been inspired to give without being asked. Our most effective method of raising funds is the Matching Funds Program. The Patrons of Manjushri match dollar for dollar every regular contribution. So a commitment of a $50 monthly donation automatically generates $1,200 annually for the foundation, $600 from the monthly donor and $600 from the Patrons of Manjushri.

But many people have come up with other very creative ways to raise money for the foundation. Here are a few of our favorite stories.
Photo: A scene from the film A Simple Good-bye.
When Mongolian director Degena Yun won the Emerging Filmmaker award from the Film Society of Minneapolis for her 2015 film, A Simple Goodbye, she generously donated her cash prize to Khyentse Foundation. "I have always been a big fan of Rinpoche," she said. "I read his first book, then I started to read more about Buddhism, and became a Buddhist myself. In my heart Rinpoche has been my first guru. Khyentse Foundation is doing very important works in the age of Kali. I admire the path that Rinpoche leads us, supporting this path almost made me feel like I am a close student of his." Yun wrote, directed, and acted in the film, which also won the Spirit of Asia Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival, Asian Future Section, and Best Screenplay at the Torino Film Festival in Italy. It was shown at the Vancouver International Film Festival and the Marfa (Texas) Film Festival. We rejoice in this creative way to support Buddhist study and practice and we are grateful for Degena’s generosity. Born in 1984 in Inner Mongolia, Degena is now based in Beijing. After graduating from the University of London, she entered the Beijing Film Academy's New Talent Nurturing Program. Watch the trailer for A Simple Goodbye
A Chinese Dharma student received a grant to help complete a degree in Buddhist studies. After graduating and finding a stable income, she donated the amount of the grant back to the foundation.
KF's first major donation was a match made in a bed. When we first started out in 2001, Harry Lee generously offered to auction off an antique bed he owned and to donate the profits. Our friend Theow Tow was working at Christies Auction House at that time and arranged for the sale. The proceeds were wired to KF just as the foundation was incorporated.
The New York City sangha hosted a semiformal dance party and art auction in 2007, which was not only a lot of fun but raised more than $15,000 for the foundation.
Several people have used birthdays and other celebrations as a way to raise funds by asking friends to make contributions to KF in lieu of gifts.
The outcome has been donations of around $50, $500, and one anonymous donor even made a contribution of US$500,000 to celebrate her husband's 60th birthday. 
Han Weimeng received an Ashoka Grant for the 2014-2015 academic year at the Tokyo University of Arts. The grant enabled him to complete a Master of Arts course in traditional Japanese painting. His goals were to learn traditional copying techniques of Japanese murals and to enhance his Buddhist art preservation skills. Weimeng recently sold one of the paintings that we featured in the announcement of his grant for RMB 5,000 and donated the proceeds to KF.
Painting by Han Weimeng. Banner photo by Pawo Choyning Dorji.


KF has commissioned French animator Marion Dupas to produce an animated video illustrating Rinpoche's activities and the birth of the foundation. Watch for video this fall.
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