KF Awards Largest Number of Scholarships to Theravadin Practitioners in Its History

In January of 2010, Khyentse Foundation received 25 requests for scholarships, and in July we received 61 requests, for a total of 86 requests in the first 7 months of the year. In July, we awarded scholarships to 20 individuals—the largest number in our history. Eighteen  of those scholarships went to Theravadin ordained sangha—16 monks and 2 nuns—to pursue advanced degrees in Buddhist studies. (The other two scholarships were awarded to western practitioners.) Most of the recipients are from Bangladesh and Burma, countries where the possibility of advanced education is limited, and they have limited or no resources of their own. With the support of KF, they are studying in India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. Here are the stories of just a few of these scholarship recipients.

U Key Mong is a monk from Burma, studying at Nalanda University in India. He writes, “I am a Buddhist monk and now a student studying in Nalanda University by your support. I was ordained as a Buddhist monk in my native town in 1996. I am studying an M.A course for the final year in the session of 2010-2011. My goals are to learn Buddhist history and philosophy so that I myself become an educated Buddhist monk who is able to deliver Buddha’s discourses to those who want to know of Buddhism throughout the world. In order to carry out the above goals, I am now concentrating on my study with the encouragement of your support. For this great opportunity, I shall be thankful to you because without your support, it is impossible for me.”

Ven. Satya Priya Bhikkhue is a monk from Bangladesh who is studying for his BA degree in Thailand. “My motivation in studying Buddhism and the Vipasana meditation is to cultivate consciousness. Consciousness to see how suffering begins, to see how suffering ends, to reduce the magnitude of suffering, and eventually how to end suffering. I have lots of aspiration after finishing my studies. I hope to help poor Buddhist people in Bangladesh. I hope to open an orphanage for poor and Buddhist children to study Dhamma. I have realized that education is important for everybody. My main aspiration is to spread Buddhism in Bangladesh.”

U Cariya is a Burmese refugee Buddhist monk studying for his MA in the department of Buddhist Studies at Magadh University, India.  “After completing my education, most of my time will be devoted to doing meditation and, if possible, I shall run a meditation center to guide the devotees who pursue our Buddha’s meditation way all over the world. As a Buddhist monk who has no other support, I am very happy to know that you are supporting such needy Buddhist monks.”

Khyentse Foundation’s special grants and scholarships help to make the Buddhadharma available to all those who seek it. Financial assistance to individuals is awarded on merit and need, regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, Buddhist tradition, or cultural background. Visit the Apply Page for information about the KF Scholarship program.