“Hatred Never Ceases by Hatred, Hatred Only Ceases with Love”. The immortal words of the Buddha intimately relate to every situation of human conflict. Their power is sung out here by children and young people participating in a Siddhartha School recording workshop in Kyogle, a regional town in NSW, Australia. (www.thesiddharthaschool.org.au)

‘Hatred Ceases’ is one of a series of video clips currently in the making to tell the story of King Ashoka. The warlord emperor controlled a vast tract of India in the third century BC. A deep realisation that war brings only misery transformed him into a compassionate ruler. The song, ‘Hatred Ceases’, explores a similar logic and is based on the teachings of the Dalai Lama.

The King Ashoka video project is a drama program of The Siddhartha School. The Siddhartha School is an independent primary school based on Buddhist values that currently runs as a weekend children’s program. The school itself is scheduled to open in Lismore NSW in 2009, under the wing of Khyentse Foundation.

The video clip of ‘Hatred Ceases’ was produced by Ron Way, a retired Australian film and TV director/producer (“Seven Little Australians”) who is now a dedicated community video producer. The soundtrack was put together by young hip hop recording artist Karuna Bajracharya (www.secretmusic.com.au) and the lyrics are by Shakti Burke who produced the event.