The most effective and direct way to support Khyentse Foundation is to sign up as a monthly donor. Your regular giving will be matched dollar for dollar by a group of generous sponsors, doubling your contribution to support the work of the Foundation.

Our monthly donors and matching fund sponsors form the financial basis for Khyentse Foundation to provide long-term support to foster the study and practice of Buddhism. Like drops in the ocean, no amount is too small. A $20 monthly pledge can support the study of one monk in a Buddhist institute in India or Tibet. With the matching fund you are supporting two monks. $100 a month accumulates to $2,400 per year with the matching fund program, enough to support a western student in full-time Buddhist study in a shedra in Nepal, or to format over 50 volumes of Buddhist texts that are in danger of perishing.

Join the Khyentse Foundation sangha to support our priority projects :

  • scholarships to Buddhist students and practitioners worldwide
  • monastic education
  • preservation, translation, publication, and distribution of Buddhist texts
  • Buddhist education for children