Let Gao Minguyan, KF Award for Excellence recipient explain.

Anita Lee, Mr. Gao Mingyuan and KF Board member Christine Ng.

Anita Lee, Mr. Gao Mingyuan and KF Board member Christine Ng.

Mr. Gao Mingyuan, who graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Master of Buddhist Studies (MBS) degree, received the Khyentse Foundation Award for Excellence in Buddhist Studies in December of 2014. Mr. Gao was nominated for the award based on his academic merit, having achieved the highest average score in the two foundation courses of the MBS programme – Early Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism. The award was approved by the Board of Examiners for the MBS degree, on the recommendation of the Selection Committee, which consisted of Ven. Hin Hung, Director of the Centre of Buddhist Studies and Ven. Prof. K.L. Dhammajoti, chair of the committee of the MBS programme

Mr. Gao’s studies focused on abhidarmic Buddhism, especially the Sautrantika philosophy, which bridges the general Sarvastivada and the Mahayana Yogacara.

Professor Peter William Mathieson, vice-chancellor and president of the University of Hong Kong, presented the award to Mr. Gao on December 3, 2014. KF board member Christine Ng and KF volunteers Anita Lee, Mazy Kwong, and Karin Liang, attended on behalf of the foundation.

In addition to the KF award, Prof. Dhammajoti has arranged for Mr. Gao to teach classical Chinese with reference to Sanskrit, enabling him to remain in Hong Kong.