Join KF’s New Development Program

To realize the visionary aspirations of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Khyentse Foundation is pleased to announce its new development program, In Manjushri’s Service.

Manjushri is the Bodhisattva of Wisdom and Lord of Speech, an awakened warrior of boundless compassion, whose right hand holds aloft a flaming sword that cuts through delusion and ignorance. In his left hand, he holds a lotus on which rests the Prajnaparamita, the pinnacle of Buddhist philosophical texts. This symbolism reflects his solemn vow to take rebirth under any circumstances in order to teach all future Buddhas.

Inspired by Manjushri’s limitless wisdom and tireless activities, Khyentse Foundation sponsors Buddhist education and dharma scholarship all over the world; promotes study and practice in both lay and monastic communities; and works for the benefit of future generations by investing heavily in “human capital” through grants and training programs.

Under Rinpoche’s guidance, Khyentse Foundation’s numerous projects are all focused on a single ultimate goal: to bring all sentient beings to Buddhahood, the state of full awakening or enlightenment. We are fortunate to have made an auspicious connection with an authentic teacher who has a truly inclusive outlook, a profound concern for the future of our planet, and genuine compassion for all its inhabitants.

In Manjushri’s Service invites individuals, corporations, institutions, and foundations to be true partners and collaborators in a range of long-term projects undertaken by Khyentse Foundation. Our aspiration is that the IMS circle of friends, sponsors, and patrons will form a stable basis for the Foundation to grow and to offer ten times more grants to worthwhile projects within the next decade.

We fully recognize and are humbled by the magnitude of this aspiration. And we are also profoundly inspired by Rinpoche’s vision, which, if brought to fruition, will have a positive impact on our world for centuries to come.

The purpose of IMS is to fund all of Khyentse Foundation’s activities worldwide, from the smallest individual grant to the largest university-based education project. Presently, the Foundation depends almost entirely on the generosity of individuals and private foundations, mostly friends and students of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, who wish to see his vast aspirations fulfilled.

Khyentse Foundation deeply appreciates the generosity of our Matching Fund Sponsors and the loyalty of our monthly donors in the past decade who have made the work of the Foundation possible. The IMS program acknowledges existing supporters and encourages their continued support, while also inviting new donors to join in this meritorious effort.

There are three ways to support and join the IMS program:

Sponsors of Manjushri

Become a Sponsor of Manjushri by pledging a donation (one time or ongoing) of any amount.

If you have ever made a donation to KF, you are automatically an IMS Sponsor of Manjushri.

Friends of Manjushri

Become a Friend of Manjushri by pledging a monthly donation to Khyentse Foundation. Pledge a recurring contribution of any amount, and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar by the Patrons of Manjushri, literally doubling your donation.

If you are already a KF monthly donor, you are automatically an IMS Friend of Manjushri.

Patrons of Manjushri

Become a Patron of Manjushri by making a pledge starting at US$20,000 per year for five years. There are five levels of patronage named after the five WuTai (abode of Manjushri) peaks: Splendor, Hanging Moon, Overlooking the Sea, Jade Rock, and Flourishing Leaves.

Patrons of Manjushri are the matching fund sponsors for the donations made by Friends of Manjushri.