By Conni Baeuerle

Connie Baeuerle came from Germany to Bodhgaya, India, for the first time to attend the KF Board Meeting and Dzongsar Monlam (prayer festival).While there, she wrote this lovely note. The activities of Khyentse Foundation and Rinpoche’s vision are so vast that it does seem to take three days of observation and keen listening to truly understand and appreciate what is being accomplished.

A while ago, my son asked, looking at Rinpoche’s book, “What all is Rinpoche doing? Writing books, making films, and traveling all around the world to teach his students….?”

Well! This is my first trip to India and of course to Bodhgaya, and I had the opportunity to join the eleventh meeting of the Khyentse Foundation Board of Directors being held at Shechen Monastery, which is a great honor to me.

I have been very happy and amazed hearing about all these projects KF established and also how so many other projects are supported and being taken care of by KF. It is wonderful to hear how they are expanding and how many lay and ordained students are able to study and practice the dharma through these sponsorships and how the dharma can spread through these activities throughout the world, Wow, what a great vision!

It’s also great to hear from the people doing this work, talking about it with joy and devotion, even though the work doesn’t always seem to be easy. I appreciate a lot how they devote their lives and energy to Rinpoche’s big vision so that it can manifest. For example, the study program in Bhutan, the continuing of Gene Smith’s lifework, the chairs of Buddhist studies at the universities, and all the others. I liked a lot also the healthcare program for monks and lay people in Tibet.

I am sure all of this manifests because of Rinpoche’s blessings, inspiration, and compassion. I am so thankful and overwhelmed by this big vision. He even said one day maybe the dharma will be translated into Arabic. Wow!

Thank you for all of this, Rinpoche, and to all you people putting this amazing work, love, and effort in, and to all those working tireless in the background.

Love, Conni.