Khyentse Foundation recently approved a grant to the Kalachakra Cultural Center for translation of the Kangyur from classical Mongolian to modern colloquial Mongolian. Mongolia is still struggling to revive Buddhism after decades of communist rule that all but purged any meaningful study or practice of Buddhadharma. Access to authentic sutras and tantras in the vernacular are so important to that effort. Most people do not retain the classical Mongolian they learn in junior high, and its script, grammar and vocabulary are very different from the modern language.

Many young people are finding the Bible in modern Mongolian more attractive and accessible than the classical works or the few poorly translated Buddhists texts. The Kalachakra Cultural Center will provide high-quality manuscripts in modern Mongolian, based on the work of translators who have been well trained in Buddhism, classical Mongolian, and Tibetan. Their work is essential to students, scholars, and practitioners in Mongolia now and in the future who are seeking to bring the words of the Buddha out of the realm of simple ritual into understanding.