In October, the KF board of directors met for their annual meeting. These meetings are crucial to the function of the foundation, and often shape our activities for the coming year. This was our most efficient meeting to date, with major reports and decisions made at a crisp pace. As always, it was an exhilarating and inspiring experience.
Rinpoche prefaced the meeting with these remarks.
“I would like to continue what we have been doing — although of course there have been some changes. And with these changes, we should now think bigger. We should not relax, not become complacent, we should discipline ourselves. I’ve always said that we should think big, because in general Tibetans have never really had a system, myself included, probably me more than any of you. We are not good at thinking about the long term, partly because we didn’t have the means. So you will have to assist me. I have a vision, but the vision can materialize even better if you all can assist me in putting it into the context of these changing times.
“People are saying that in about 10 years’ time, robots are going to take over. It’s important for us to consider these things. Khyentse Foundation should be ready to live with these changes and act within this context, keeping in mind that the sole purpose of KF is to assist the Dharma and the practitioners. That’s it. Thank you for coming and for being as dedicated as ever.”
See a complete list of the KF Board here.
In the photo: The KF Board of Directors and advisors left to right: Richard Chang; Lynn Hoberg; Patrick Jacquelin (advisor); Wyatt Arnold; Steven Goodman (advisor); Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche; Cangioli Che; Marco Noailles; Isabel Pedrosa; Kris Yao; Richard Dixey (advisor).