Lovely cut glass pendant available to commemorate first five years of Foundation. Available exclusively at the Benefits Gallery. Learn more about this important symbol.

The Khyentse Foundation logo is the lion of King Ashoka, which is a symbol of fearlessness. Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche speaks with admiration of the many legacies of Ashoka. “Through some of these kings like Ashoka, institutions such as Nalanda happened. I just cannot imagine if Nalanda did not exist, what would be the situation of Buddhism today. There would be nothing, basically.”

King Ashoka was one of the most important patrons of Buddhism, and Khyentse Foundation aspires to follow in his footsteps. By adopting King Ashoka’s emblematic lion, KF is raising Ashoka’s flag to support the Buddhadharma.

It is appropriate that the KF fifth anniversary souvenir is an Ashoka lion pendant, designed and produced by a sangha member in Hong Kong.

The pendant is made of art glass, equal in quality to Austrian crystal. The original clay mould was sculpted by an artist from Beijing who wrote many Buddhist poems in Chinese to accompany his sculptures. The pendant was sculpted with blessings from Khyentse Rinpoche. Production of the pendant was generously sponsored by many members of the Hong Kong sangha.

Each pendant comes with an elegant black and gold cord, in an original paper box from the workshop and a certificate of quality in Chinese. All proceeds benefit Khyentse Foundation. The pendants are available now at a special holiday discount of US$38. To see the pendants and other holiday gift ideas, go to the KF Benefits Gallery: