All our newsletters and information are translated into Chinese by our KF Taiwan team under the leadership of KF Taiwan country representative Chou Su-ching. If you prefer to read the KF news in Chinese, sign up here. Please visit our Chinese language site for information about how to participate as a sponsor and/or as a volunteer.

欽哲基金會所有的會訊、年報,以及相關消息,由我們的臺灣欽哲基金會團隊完整的翻譯成中文,並刊登於欽哲基金會中文網站。如果您比較喜歡以中文閱讀欽哲基金會會訊,希望收到我們更新消息的電子郵件,請您上網登錄 相關資料。歡迎常常到欽哲基金會中文網站瀏覽,瞭解如何參與支持欽哲基金會,以及如何成為我們的贊助者或義工