Several new scholarships have been awarded and a deadline for the next round of applications is set.

* Four monks from Cambodia to further their studies in Sri Lanka. Two of the monks, Venerable Hour Sariddh and Venerable Nhep Soeu, are in their first year of studies, and two will be selected for the same program later this year.  By 2008, Khyentse Foundation expects to be supporting six Cambodian monks, two in each year of the three-year program leading to a Masters Degree in Buddhist studies. An intensive English language course was organized to prepare the monks This program is organized in collaboration with the Khmer-Buddhist Educational Assistance Project (KEAP).

* A Norwegian student to complete Buddhist studies in Nepal, while studying Tibetan and Sanskrit, with the aspiration to translate Buddhist texts into western languages.

* An American registered nurse in oncology to complete his three-year retreat to benefit the doctrine and all beings. Ultimately, he aspires to embody Dudjom Rinpoche’s words about the great yogi Zurpoche, who practiced “without hoping for enlightenment in the future, in order to disclose it in the present.”

* An Indian student to study Tibetan in Dharamsala to prepare her to teach Buddhism at an Indian university.

Applications for the next round of scholarships will be accepted by the KF Scholarship Committee between June 25 to July 25, 2007. For application forms and more information visit the scholarship fund page of our web site.