In October, 2007, on the recommendation of KF advisors Gene Smith, Steven Goodman, and Richard Dixey, the Foundation adopted a five-point long-term policy on promoting endowed chairs:
1) A major aim of Khyentse Foundation is to promote the development of Buddhist Studies in major academic institutions.
2) For such an initiative to bear fruit, it is important to promote centers of excellence where the support of the Foundation will give a “critical mass” of scholarly and academic activity in any particular institution or restart an important tradition of study in institutions where it has been lost.
3) To be considered, institutions should be able to demonstrate a willingness and knowledge and track record of working with the “living traditions” of Buddhism.
4) To identify such institutions, it is suggested that the Foundation sponsor a research effort to catalog all major academic centers that offer or promote Buddhist Studies, according to criteria that align with points 1, 2 and 3.
5) The Foundation should then rank these institutions and consider solicitation of donations toward the establishment of endowed senior lectureships as well as endowed professorial positions at those academic institutions that meet KF standards and criteria for such funding.

photo by But-Sou Lai