Offering of light is one of the most fundamental practices in Buddhadharma, symbolizing clarity, insight, and wisdom.  Initiated by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Lighting the Mahabodhi aims to make one of the largest and longest-lasting light offerings by vastly improving the lighting of the existing Mahabodhi Temple grounds in Bodhgaya, where Buddha achieved enlightenment.

Watch Rinpoche’s video announcing the project.

Why Offer Light? On a profound level, the offering of light represents awareness, which illuminates itself as well as the surrounding environment. Aloke, or light, also means vision, looking, seeing, and beholding.​Since the Buddha’s time, the gift of light has symbolized not only outer offering but also the most profound dawning of inner wisdom, and the beacon that will awaken all beings from the darkness of ignorance. In fact, the Buddha’s final advice to Ananda was, “Be a lamp unto yourself.”

 Lighting the Mahabodhi is led by Siddhartha’s Intent India with support from Khyentse Foundation and Vana Foundation.