To all concerned,

As you know, we are about to spend some precious time in Bodhgaya. I trust all those coming will make the most of this opportunity in our most sacred site.

This is just a short notice to remind you that some people may claim to be raising funds for me or acting on my behalf for some charitable or spiritual activity. Please understand that unless Khyentse Foundation, 84000, Siddharthas Intent, or Lotus Outreach has specifically endorsed such activity, we take no responsibility. Any participation is completely up to the discretion of the individual.

As well, some people will use the opportunity of taking a photograph with me to claim I’m endorsing them or their status. First of all, it’s a laughing matter even to use me as a person with whom to take a photograph. But secondly, just taking a photo with me has nothing to do with any endorsement. More likely, we can assume that if anyone uses such a photograph as evidence of endorsement, then there must be something fishy going on.

All the best. And please determine wholeheartedly not to waste this precious human life and especially this opportunity in Bodhgaya.