Venerable Karmananda, a Buddhist monk born in Bangladesh, received a Khyentse Foundation Award for Excellence in Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) in December 2011. The award, the first KF award granted at HKU, was made possible through a partnership between KF and HKU’s Centre of Buddhist Studies to recognize hard work and distinction in graduates of its Master of Buddhist Studies program.

Ven. Karmananda approaches his graduate education as a scholar and practitioner who has been immersed in Buddhadharma for many years. When he enrolled in HKU, he had already obtained two degrees: an Honors in Buddhist Philosophy from the International Buddhist College, Thailand, and an Masters in Buddhist Studies from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. At HKU, he particularly excelled in Early Buddhism and Mahayana courses. He now plans to study classical Chinese language and then work toward a PhD.

In a note to Khyentse Foundation, Ven. Karmananda said, “It has indeed been my greatest honor so far to have been awarded the KF Award for Excellence in Buddhist Studies. Having the honor to represent the Centre of Buddhist Studies, HKU, in such a wonderful function is the greatest inspiration in my humble journey towards the learning of the Buddhadharma.… Such awards indeed become sources of renewed inspiration, continuous aspiration and much-needed encouragement for the recipients to go forward in their learnings. I am glad KF is standing for these ideals!”

Photo: (from left) Khyentse Foundation Hong Kong representatives Anita Lee and Jun Xie greet Ven. Karmananda after the prize presentation, with Ven. Sik Hin Hong (Acting Director of the Centre of Buddhist Studies, HKU) and Prof. Toshiichi Endo of the Centre of Buddhist Studies, December 3, 2011, Hong Kong.