We love to hear from our friends and supporters about their decision to become regular contributors to the matching funds program. All monthly contributions are automatically doubled through the program, thanks to a group of anonymous matching funders. In many ways, the matching fund program is the lifeblood of Khyentse Foundation. Silvana Maria Barbanti wrote us this kind note with a few insights as well.

By Silvana Maria Barbanti

donor-storyI have studied and worked since I was a teenager. Many times I have asked myself about the meaning of struggling and putting lots of energy on worldly business. Although I always tried to support Dharma projects as much as I could, I did not have much commitment to any particular project. After so many years of going through hope and fear, I decided to commit to a Dharma project that is very close to my heart — a project that will make a difference.
I was never approached by any representative from Khyentse Foundation with a request to contribute. Although I think their attitude is quite noble, I wonder if this laid-back style might have delayed a bit my commitment to the Matching Funds Program, just by the fact that I was not made aware of how much the foundation does need help. In any case, I really trust Khyentse Foundation and I really believe that its founder, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, cares about people. I hope the few drops of generosity I am offering to Khyentse Foundation will bring oceans of lasting happiness to all sentient beings.
If you would like to share your matching funds story, please send it to us. We love to hear what inspired you to join and how it makes you feel to be part of the KF ocean of activity. And if you have not joined the Matching Funds Program, please do! Every dollar you donate will be matched, doubling your contribution.