News from International Buddhist College, Thailand

August 2021

We are happy to report on the successful completion of another year of the joint scholarship with International Buddhist College (IBC) in Thailand. This joint scholarship was set up in 2016 to support Theravadin monks and nuns from countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, and elsewhere to study at IBC. This past year we jointly supported 15 monastic students. Here is what some of them have shared with us.

I am from Sri Lanka and aim to complete my M.A. degree in Buddhist Studies at International Buddhist College. Your substantial support motivates and enables me to continue my studies without any financial difficulties. My family members are overjoyed and grateful that I have this opportunity to pursue my studies at IBC. 


Although we had to continue with our studies in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the teachers and staff members of IBC are very dedicated, diligent, and supporting; thus we could go about our studies well. This pandemic taught us many lessons, and one of them is to spread loving-kindness not only to human beings but to all sentient beings, and the environment. Just like what the Blessed One exhorted to us in the discourse on Loving Kindness.


I am from India, I came here on 10th July 2019. I am now a second-year student pursuing my BA in Buddhist Studies at IBC.


I am extremely honored and privileged to be selected as a recipient of the Khyentse Foundation Scholarship. I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you for your kindness and generosity.


It’s a great pleasure to see that the IBC has been putting its complete energy, efforts, and ideals into promoting and establishing education as well as the development of physical and mental qualities in a very practical way. We are involved in all kinds of religious and secular activities such as daily chanting, community work, sports, and exercise, which develop and enhance our mental and physical health.


I am a nun from Vietnam. I realized that studying, cultivating, and practicing following the teachings of the Buddha was necessary and vital for monks and nuns like me.


We are now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic but we feel fortunate that we are able to study and live safely in IBC as a big family.


During the last Mid-Autumn festival we in IBC held a solemn Mid-Autumn Dharma Assembly to radiate our loving-kindness and compassion for world peace and welfare.


Images above: The study and activities of the monks and nuns at IBC at a glance.

Image above: IBC Sadao campus

The collaboration between IBC and KF

International Buddhist College is a nonprofit Buddhist education institution located in Thailand and sponsored by the Than Hsiang Foundation in Malaysia. A truly international institution, IBC instructs in English and Chinese and currently has students and teachers from more than 20 countries. A unique feature of the institution is its equal emphasis on study and practice.

KF’s relationship with IBC started in 2016 with a $3,000 joint scholarship, supported equally by KF and IBC, which was offered to three monks. Each year, three additional monastic students have been awarded the scholarships, with preference given to monastic students from traditionally Theravadin countries. In 2020, the KF grant totalled $37,500 and supported 15 monks and nuns from Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka.

IBC is a gateway for KF support in the Buddhist mother countries of Southeast Asia,  and we foresee the connection between the two organizations growing stronger and deeper in the future.