If you are reading this, you are Khyentse Foundation. Whether you have donated once or are a monthly donor or a Patron of Manjushri, or even if you simply stay informed by reading the Focus and Communiqué or follow KF’s social media updates, you are part of the KF mandala. You make it possible for the foundation to create a sound and stable structure for ongoing support for the study and practice of all traditions of Buddhism. Your faith in Rinpoche’s vision, and in the foundation to carry out that vision, and your offerings to Rinpoche and to all the buddhas and bodhisattvas, are significant contributions to the preservation of the Buddhadharma. Thank you for being part of the KF mandala, the sangha, the patrons of the dharma.

Rinpoche wrote the following letter to you, explaining how the foundation honors that support.

Photo by Yoshiko Crow.


It is my pleasure to let you know that Khyentse Foundation is continuing to fulfill many of our initial aspirations. This is due to the blessings of all the buddhas and bodhisattvas and also to the merit of sentient beings.

Of course, all our work is made possible only by the noble aspirations and incredible generosity of so many donors and by the dedication of the volunteers and executive committee. The many, many hours and even sleepless nights our Khyentse Foundation people contribute are critical to our work.

As you may know, we are very fortunate to have received some significant contributions recently. And so we need to remind ourselves to be even more vigilant and mindful than before on how these resources are used.

As well as large donors, there are those who just make ends meet and who sacrifice their cappuccino to save that money for their Khyentse Foundation contribution. And there are donors who have parted from their dearest treasures earned through hard lifelong efforts in order to support the KF work.

Large or small, we really have to remember that every one of these donations comes from a deep and genuine motivation to serve the Buddhadharma. Knowing this, we must be more careful than ever and can never be casual in how this money is spent.

As many of you know, Khyentse Foundation’s administrative and overhead costs are very low, around 5% of expenses, which is a testimony to the fact that we treasure donor contributions. So I want to take this opportunity to remind ourselves not just to continue in this spirit but to reinforce and strengthen our frugal approach and high regard for the value of every penny donated. All of us at Khyentse Foundation also request all those applying for grants to maintain the same view and only to apply for what is absolutely necessary to undertake their dharma activity.

— Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse