screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-9-54-02-amBy Weston Oakley Coleman

Dharma Camp was a very interesting experience. One of the most fascinating things that I learned was that my mother isn’t the only weird person in the world. There were so many people there, that were so similar to my mother, that it blew me away. I also enjoyed Rinpoche’s teaching to all of the children, including always being kind, and always respecting your parents. It was very meaningful to me.

Another meaningful thing that I took away from Dharma Camp was the visit to the Mexican school. It was heartbreaking to see such poor children, with stains all over their white shirts, but also to see how much fun they were having. But perhaps the most meaningful thing that I saw was how happy everyone was. How Rinpoche being there had such a positive effect on everyone. That there was such a soothing and relaxing vibe in the air.

Dharma Camp had a very positive effect on me, helped open my eyes and has changed my life forever.