When a group of young people concerned about climate change came together at a hip hop recording workshop in Kyogle (regional NSW, Australia), the result was the song “Protect the World”.

The kids (aged 11-17 years) wrote the words on the spot. They play all the instruments on the track- keyboard, flutes, harp, drums, beatbox, clapping and bass under the guidance of Karuna Bajracharya, a young DJ and hip-hop recording artist, who facilitated the workshop and produced the soundtrack. (www.secretmusic.com.au).
An ArtStart07 grant from the NSW Dept of Education and Training funded the project. Some of the workshop participants are members of the Kyogle High School climate group. Everyone had a brilliant time putting the song together and putting their views across.

The event was put together and videoed by Shakti Burke on behalf of the local Kyogle Climate Action Network (www.kyoglecan.com) and The Siddhartha School (www.thesiddharthaschool.org.au). The Siddhartha School, an independent primary school based on Buddhist values, is scheduled to open in Lismore, NSW, in 2009, and is a project of the Khyentse Foundation (www.khyentsefoundation.org).

Thanks to Eva Thomas and all the kids and parents involved and to Tom Harper for his creative imput.
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