Dear supporters, volunteers, and well-wishers,

The year 2020 will remain in our minds as one of the most turbulent we have ever experienced. As the year slowly fades, let us hope that the vast majority of calamitous events—and the armies of negative forces the year brought with it—will also dwindle and vanish. If nothing else, we have all learned to be brave, big-hearted, and courageous. Let’s pray that in 2021, with the blessings of the sublime beings, we will have enough merit to be able to enjoy prosperity, harmony, peace, and, most of all, sanity and an enthusiasm for awakening.

When the bodhisattvas faced their most demanding trials, they rose to the challenges with courage and an expansive vision. We at Khyentse Foundation will do the same. We will dedicate our every thought and effort–our very existence–to the propagation, preservation, and strengthening of all the teachings that emanate from the lineage of Gautama. Only this great man’s wisdom will bring us both temporary solace and ultimate liberation.

As this new year dawns, I would like to thank every one of you for your incredible generosity and dedication. I send you all my best wishes and prayers for auspiciousness.

May Arya Tara always be with us.

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, December 30, 2020, Taipei